Screenflow - This software costs $99, but is extremely efficient and useful for communicating with freelancers and clients remotely. You can record your computer screen and audio, a “talking head” video of yourself, and the keystrokes that you input on your computer. The software assembles these elements automatically, and allows you to export videos that you can share online. A convenient way to share a video is to upload it to YouTube, ensure it is set to be "unlisted" so that people cannot find it in search, and then send the recipient a link to view it. This workflow is convenient for giving freelancers clear project briefs, instructions, notes, and training.

Toggl - Toggl is a free online time-tracker. Once you have established a good working relationship with a freelancer, it is more efficient to have contractors track hours rather than bid on every project. This requires trust and a decent sense of how long freelancers’ tasks should take.

PayPal - Wharton Apps runs virtually all payments into and out of the business through PayPal. While PayPal takes a 3% fee, you get paid instantly, and your freelancers get paid instantly. This keeps business moving quickly.

Skype - Whether you prefer texting or audio calls, most customers and freelancers like to talk on Skype since it’s free, reliable, and widely used around the world.

Udemy - This is the largest platform for teaching and learning niche technical skills. If you teach on Udemy, it can be a useful free marketing tool. Customers who enjoy your tutorial will see you as an authority on your topic, and may contact you to inquire about hiring you for projects.