Turn your children's book into an animated iPhone/iPad app with our premium source code.

Do you have a children's book or idea that you've been talking about publishing, but haven't yet released?

Children now spend more time on iOS devices than reading traditional hardbound books. With 140 billion iOS app downloads, and $20 billion per year in sales, the App Store is a more interactive, popular and financially lucrative way to publish than traditional media.

Wharton Apps's source code template is hands-down the best source code available today for turning your children's book story or idea into a beautiful, finished app.

  • When you turn a page in our app template, or a child taps on an illustration, the illustration will spring to life.
  • The app features a peaceful original soundtrack to help parents transition children to a nap or restful activity. Narration and music can be turned on or off by pressing the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • The app includes ads, so that you can offer your book for free and maximize downloads. If your readers want to enjoy an ad-free experience, they can easily remove the ads using a button on the Main Menu.
  • A prompt pop-up encourage parents to rate the app.
  • A share button in the bottom right corner of each screen allows parents to share that page along with a link to the app with their friends
  • A page selection feature allows parents to easily flip through all of the book's pages by scrolling through the icons at the top of the screen.

Wharton Apps provides an end-to-end service to help you launch the book of your dreams.

  • If you have an idea, but not a finished story, we have writers who can draft a charming, easy-to-read story based on your ideas.
  • A team of highly talented illustrators and animators, with experience working for Disney Television and Disney Interactive, can turn your story into magical animated illustrations.
  • If you already have illustrations, our animators can add motion that complements your artwork for a more interactive reading experience.
  • With access to hundreds of professional music tracks, we can present you with plenty of options until you are satisfied with just the right soundtrack.
  • Professional voice artists will record your narration. We'll share demo recordings so that you can approve the narrator before they record. If you are not satisfied with a reading, artists are available to perform a complimentary revision.
  • All of our services are provided with a dedicated project manager who will communicate with you through every step of the process. If you would like to be highly engaged in selecting talent for your project or requesting revisions on their work, we can work on your project incrementally and provide you with maximum options in order to make sure we produce the app you envision.


There are 2 options for purchasing.

  1. Do-It-Yourself: With this option, we will send you the complete source code to our template. You can use this source code to edit the illustrations, animations and text. When you are finished, you can upload the app to your own developer account. This option is best for experienced developers, as we are not able to provide dedicated customer support.
  2. Custom Reskin: With this option, we will provide a dedicated project manager who will supervise all aspects of production in order to develop your app and publish it to your developer account. Every project is unique, and requires initial effort on our part to select appropriate talent for your project, check their availability, and provide a total project cost. Largely to ensure that you are serious about your project before we make this investment, we charge a $19 cost to provide you with a custom quote.
    • Roughly, your costs will break down as follows.
      • App Development $299
      • Writing $249
      • Illustrations $59/page*
      • Animation $49/page*
      • Narration $99
      • Music $29
    • * The two biggest variables are illustrations and animation. Depending on your budget, we can bring on world-class illustrators and animators for a premium project, or we can utilize some of the wonderful illustrations available on Shutterstock.com to keep your costs low. Generally, we recommend that you consider a middle-of-the-road option. We have a curated list of quality illustrators and animators whose services we can engage at an approximate cost of $49-59/page.
    • As part of our custom quote, we will recommend resources specifically for your project. We will provide you with names and contact information for available writers, illustrators, animators, narrators and music artists who we believe will suit your project idea. At this stage, you can either hire and manage these artists independently, or you can accept our proposal to supervise their work and build the app for you.
Please select a reskin option.