Client: MarMetrix

MarMetrix asked Wharton Apps for an app that it could use to demo the new MarMetrix analytics SDK.

We have connections with a number of extremely talented illustrators, who we happen to think are massively undervalued by “the market.” We also knew that there were no jaw-droppingly awesome pug apps on the App Store. So we recommended using the talents of Ana Fonseca to create a custom emoji app.

Our creative team and Ana planned each emoji to tap into all of the emotions that users most frequently share. We browsed through lots of pug fan pages on Facebook and Instagram to find the photos that got the biggest reactions from users. Then we used these emotions and inspirational photos to create the highest rated pug emoji app on the App Store.

Without any advertising spend, the app consistently generates revenue each week. The app sells on the App Store at $2.99, ensuring a comfortable profit margin from every user. Users don’t seem to mind though, given the 100+ glowing 5-star reviews that the app has so far.