Client: MarMetrix

MarMetrix asked Wharton Apps for an app to demo the new MarMetrix analytics SDK. We recommended a pug emoji app in order to capitalize on the emoji app trend and target an untapped niche (pug emoji).

We commissioned Portuguese illustrator Ana Fonseca to provide the artwork. Our creative team and Ana planned each emoji to represent the emotions that users most frequently share. For inspiration, we browsed through pug fan pages on Facebook and Instagram to find the photos that pug fans reacted to the most.

Pug Life currently ranks in the Top 100 Entertainment Paid apps on the App Store. It's also the App Store's highest-rated pug emoji app.

Without any ad spend, the app consistently generates revenue each week. The app sells on the App Store at $2.99, ensuring a comfortable profit margin from every user. Thanks to our app, MarMetrix now has a totally passive extra income stream.

Cost for a Comparable Project: $2,000