Wharton Apps produces app reskins at a higher quality and a fraction of the price of Chupamobile.

Our clients’ apps have been featured in Fortune Magazine and Yahoo News. They also regularly receive 5-star averages with tens and even hundreds of app reviews.

Reskinning is the process of changing an app's graphics, icons, screenshots, music, and sound effects in order to launch an entirely new app. If you have an idea for an app reskin, we can build it for you using one of our existing source codes at a steeply discounted price, since we already have the majority of the code prepared.

Choose from 3 reskin options.


For $299, we can make a reskin of one of our games with all new graphics. A dedicated project manager will ensure the app is successfully uploaded to your iTunes account, with your Chartboost ad IDs correctly integrated, and rock-solid ASO to help you succeed on the App Store.


For $799, we can make the reskin and include fully animated graphics. Character animation adds an entire new level of personality and polish that will help your game stand out on the App Store.


For $1,299, we can make a re-skin with animated graphics, and connect your app with social media stars for a viral boost. If we don't get at least 100 authentic 5-star reviews, and 2,000 authentic downloads for your game, we will refund your $500 marketing cost.

Is this a good deal? For a pricing comparison, we recommend reviewing the products and services sold on Chupamobile, the leading website for ready-made apps and reskin services.

Don't see what you're looking for?

If you like an iOS template on Chupamobile, we can still help you!

We can reskin Chupamobile templates at a much lower cost than if you order through their website. Please contact us and share a link to the template for a price estimate.