Apptentive 2016 Guide to App Marketing Channels - Get an overview of channels through which you can market your app.

Top 34 Techniques to Get First 100,000 Downloads For Your App - Effective marketing is unique marketing. No group of techniques can work for everyone. This article presents specific ideas for marketing apps that have worked for different app publishers. Consider what group of users you want to target, where and how they spend their time, and what types of media attract their interest. Next, choose a few techniques from this list that will draw their attention to your app. If they don't work, try some of the less conventional creative ideas toward the bottom of this list. To rise above the noise of all the apps available, often it pays to choose unusual app marketing strategies.

The BuzzFeed Approach to Social Media Strategy - Learn a marketing mindset and specific techniques by analyzing BuzzFeed, the disruptive company that distributes content primarily on social media.

Appiness - Austin Church was one a few successful app entrepreneurs who wrote a concise, helpful guide for other app entrepreneurs. This $38 e-book has not been updated since 2013, so many of the specific resources it suggests are outdated. However it still provides some good advice for newcomers to the app industry.

The Complete Guide to Enterprise App Marketing - This free e-book details all the component of a successful marketing campaign for an enterprise-level app such as a new social platform. The e-book is co-authored by numerous authors from popular app marketing companies.

Click Funnels - The most advanced resource on this list, Click Funnels costs $97/month. It is a collection of sales funnel templates that enables you to build and deliver a comprehensive online sales strategy. We only recommend this resource if you have a collection of high-revenue earning products that you are at least nearly certain will produce a positive monthly return on your investment. There are less expensive alternatives if you are still developing sustainable revenue streams.

Bright Newt - It's always valuable to look at exit strategies and alternative ways to generate revenue. If you create or commission an original source code, then licensing it can be a great way to quickly earn back the money you invested. You can sell licenses to your source code on Chupamobile, Code Canyon, or on your own website. If you ever go this route, then writing compelling copy will be essential to making sales. You can model your presentation after one of the greatest app code sales teams by analyzing this masterful sales pitch.

Press Farm - Get 250 e-mail addresses to tech journalists at Wired, TechCrunch, 9to5Mac, Re/code, Yahoo, The Guardian, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, all for just $9. But beware, journalists hate being spammed. Before using this list, read this article by TechCrunch on how to write the type of e-mail that will get a journalist's attention.

13 Ways to Get Press When You Launch Your Startup - The day your app is featured in a tech journal, you'll likely see a 5,000 unit spike in app downloads. This blog post illuminates the mystery of how to get a journalist to write about your app or startup. If you would like more information, you can get another writer's perspective and tips in App Press Release Basics: Writing and Distribution.

iOS App Review Sites - Over 100 sites publish app reviews. Mashable and Gizmodo will certainly get your app a lot of attention, tweets and retweets, but only a particularly remarkable app will get featured. Other sites on this list are much easier to get featured in, but they have smaller traffic. If a journalist chooses to review your app, fantastic. However we strongly discourage paying for reviews; this is unfortunately a common scam.

MailChimp - E-mail is the most effective tool to get potential customers to "convert" (take a desired action). You can use MailChimp for running campaigns to keep in touch with users and incentivize them to leave reviews or download your newest apps.