Would you like to build apps yourself?


There is a way you can make apps without learning to code. Apps that make money, apps that are reasonably easy to produce.

“Reskinning” is the process of taking a source code, changing the title, icon, graphics, music and sound effects… and releasing a brand new app.

Reskinning is by far the easiest way to approach app development.

  • It’s inexpensive. You can buy a source code for as low as $39.
  • It’s fast. You can make your first reskin in about 5 hours. 
  • It’s repeatable. After you get familiar with a source code, you can sit home for a few days, make 15 apps using the same source code, and sell them for $100-300/each. That nets you somewhere between $1,500 and $4,500!

There are two ways you can approach reskinning.

Option 1: You can launch a large number of apps, market them, and earn passive income on the App Store yourself. It’s kind of a “get rich” scheme. Meaning it works sometimes, but doesn’t for most people.

Option 2: You can launch apps and sell them to app marketers. If you get a system going, you can launch 5-10 apps per week, and make $750-$3,000 per week. It’s a legitimate income that you can use to pay for college, put into savings, or even live off.

The first option involves more risk, and potentially massive payoffs. The second option is more like taking a job and making a steady income with it—a job that pays pretty well.

You can spend hours combing through websites looking for the perfect source codes to make apps with.

Or you can just check out our source codes. We’ll save you the time of researching our competitors.

These sites are the major players:

The reason we share this is simple: You’ll have a much better experience reskinning one of our codes. You’ll also get a much higher quality app, better customer service, and a phenomenal price.

Our competitors generally just sell you their codes. Then they leave you to either figure everything out yourself, or hire them to make a reskin for you—which is a terrible option. Chupamobile charges about $500 to reskin even a simple app!

We don’t just sell you a source code and say “good luck.”

All of our source codes come with a free tutorial.

The tutorial shows you step-by-step how to come up with ideas, make reskins, launch your apps on the App Store, and sell your apps.

There are no secrets. We share everything, including where to find these app marketers that will pay so much for your apps. (The answer is Flippa.com.) We give detailed advice on every aspect of selling apps. We also give you the text of the private messages that have helped initiate and close deals, and we welcome you to copy them verbatim if you want.

So… still interested?

If so, you will need a few things to get started:

  • a Mac computer
  • Xcode (free on the Mac App Store)
  • Photoshop (get a monthly subscription license here)
  • an Apple Developer account (enroll here)
  • an iPhone or iPad (good to have, but not actually necessary)
  • finally, a source code

Yep… you’ll need a source code. Click on one below to find the right one for you.



Photo Decorator ($79)

This source code lets users take or load a photo, add stickers to it, and share it with their friends with Instagram, Facebook, or a text. You can add any kind of stickers that you want... So it could become "Grumpy Cat Stickers", "Celebrity Photobomb Creator", and much, much more.

Wallpaper Maker

This source code lets users search through categories of wallpapers and save them to their camera rolls. You can control the number of categories, all of the images. You can fill the app with free photos online (we show you how), or an app filled with your own photography.

Storybook App

This storybook application lets you add text, illustrations, music and sound effects. The free tutorial that comes with it shows you how you can hire artists, get them to collaborate with you for free, and leverage amazing free content online to make beautiful, original apps.

Text Generator

This source code displays any kind of text you write, at random. It could display quotes, trivia, "how to" tips, fun facts, and more. Pick a specific topic that inspires you (for example, "Quinten Tarantino Quotes") and make an app that your niche audience will love.

Darts Game

This insanely fun game has 170 levels, all with unique challenges. Users can pay to skip levels ($0.99 per level) or to remove ads, and they can compete with their friends on Game Center. The color scheme, icon, music and marketing are all up to you. Make it a hit!


More Coming Soon

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