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The Best New Emoji Apps on the App Store

Would you like to make $10/day with your own emoji app?

Learn about our production service!

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Labrador Puppy

Labrador Puppy

Labrador Puppy

Labrador Puppy


36 Hilarious and Fun Lab Emoji!

Enjoy the cutest puppy emoji stickers ever made 🐶

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LOL Cats

LOL Cats

LOL Cats

LOL Cats


For Those Who Need More Than 1 Cat Emoji

🐱 Texting with cats 🐱 > Texting without cats 

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Penguin Emoji. Are You In?

Add penguins to your photos. Text emoji to your friends. Visit the online store.

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Emoji App Service

Emoji App Service

Emoji App Service

Emoji App Service


A Scalable Business Model + An Incredibly Efficient Production Process. Get Ready to Launch Hit Emoji Apps.

Emoji apps are the hottest new genre on the App Store. Many entrepreneurs are re-discovering the magic of creating a quality product and SELLING it for a guaranteed return on investment.

The Emoji business model is simple.

  1. Identify a passionate audience: poodle lovers, cat lovers, people obsessed with punk music, etc.
  2. Create an outstanding emoji app that is easy to use with about 35 quality stickers.
  3. Sell the app for $2.99 on the App Store. Apple will take 30% ($0.90) from your revenue.
  4. Use Facebook to target people in your niche. Pay Facebook $0.50-0.80/install. 
  5. Take home $1.29-1.59 gross margin per app sold.
  6. Scale up your ad campaigns. Many people spend $5,000+ on ads. This generates around 10,000 installs and $29,900 in total revenue. This yields around $15,900 in total profit from a single app.

Apple's new operating system is powering growth in the emoji market.

iOS 10 and especially iOS 11 make it easier than ever for users to share stickers in their text messages. Apple is also running ad campaigns, and featuring emoji apps prominently in the App Store.

Our mission is to help you make money with apps.

In response to emoji apps' surging popularity, Wharton Apps has developed an Emoji App Service.

Our development system is based on:

  1. research and networking with high-earning app entrepreneurs, including over $1,000 in money paid for consultations
  2. a proprietary source code that we developed from scratch, and refined after feedback from users and clients
  3. a network of quality illustrators and an art director that we tested over multiple projects
  4. various systems that we established in order to consistently produce quality apps

If you are looking for a real and significant return on your investment, our service will come at a premium price, but it will also deliver the highest quality product possible within its price range.

Our service is comprehensive.

We guide you through the process from the beginning. You're welcome to share notes as your app progresses, however you can rest assured that your project is in expert hands.

Wharton Apps uses 4 specialized team members for your project:

  1. project manager
  2. illustrator
  3. art director
  4. developer

The Emoji App Service includes the following:

  1. recommending a niche market based on your interests or social media audience
  2. talent scouting to find a quality freelance illustrator, and sharing several options with you
  3. assigning multiple illustrators test assignments, and showing you the results from 2 or 3 artists until we both agree on one illustrator
  4. providing the illustrator with concepts for each emoji, in order to ensure that each emoji captures a distinct emotion and appeals to your audience
  5. art directing the illustrator to ensure that all illustrations are technically well drawn, emotionally engaging, and entertaining
  6. uploading all final artwork into our proprietary source code, and updating the app's color theme
  7. creating advertisements for physical products using your emoji artwork, and configuring a simple online store if you don't already have one
  8. creating tutorial videos to show users how to use the app
  9. editing your app's logo, settings buttons, and social media links, and writing a personalized message to your users
  10. creating a spreadsheet of keywords for each emoji, and integrating this into the app so that users can find each emoji using multiple search terms
  11. creating an eye-catching icon
  12. designing screenshots for iPhone and iPad
  13. writing engaging promotional text and a clear app description, and choosing relevant keywords
  14. uploading and submitting the finished app to the App Store
  15. transferring the final app to your developer account, and sending you the graphics and source code
  16. creating a Facebook advertisement, which you can use to promote the app to your chosen niche audience
  17. sharing your app on the Emojional Apps social media accounts, and providing customer support for at least 1 year after your purchase
  18. providing you with personalized contact throughout your project, and at least 3 thorough consultation sessions—one before project kickoff to discuss your theme, one after your app launches to discuss marketing strategy, and another after marketing is underway

What does this cost?

To commission a high-performing emoji app, please anticipate the following costs:

  1. Wharton Apps will charge $995 USD for the development service.
  2. Your illustrator will charge approximately $800 USD for quality illustrations. 

Wharton Apps will recommend a specific illustrator for your project, but we'll also share art samples and illustration rates from multiple illustrators. This gives you the flexibility to either accept our recommendation, or hire one of our other illustrators who meets your needs and budget goals.

We anticipate spending about $20 per illustration on 35 illustrations, for a total cost of $700 USD, plus an additional $100 in design exploration. Because illustrators' rates vary, you may decide to produce more or fewer illustrations.

Project timeline is roughly 6-8 weeks.

The timeline depends on the illustrator you choose, and their availability.

Most of the time, a good illustrator is not available to start work on the day we reach out to them, so we may have to wait 2-3 weeks for them to finish other work before they can begin your emoji project. Usually it takes an illustrator 3-4 weeks to finish enough emoji to fill an app.

After the illustrations are finished, Wharton Apps updates the source code with the new artwork. It takes up to 1.5 weeks for our team to upload the finished artwork, edit the app, and submit to the App Store.

Finally, Apple takes 1-2 days to approve a finished app.

You have access to the source code.

We plan to be available to make future updates to your app. However, we believe that as our customers, you have the right to update your app independently or work with any developer you choose after our contract ends.

For this reason, we will send you a copy of the complete source code. Please note, however, that the source code is only to be used to update this app. You will not be licensed to create derivative apps, or sub-license the source code to others.

We believe in transparent pricing.

Hopefully we have articulated where your money goes, and why our services cost what they do.

You have the option to pay the illustrator separately, or bundle the illustrations with the app. If you prefer for our company to pay the illustrator, then payment can be arranged as follows:

  1. $400 Deposit for Illustrator

    • This is due at the project kick-off, before we can begin work.
  2. $300 Deposit for Wharton Apps

    • This is due at the project kick-off, before we can begin work.
  3. $400 Final Payment for Illustrator

    • This is due after we send you 35 finished emoji illustrations.
  4. $695 Final Payment for Wharton Apps

    • This is due after we launch your app on the App Store. After we receive your final payment, we will send you an app transfer request and a link to download the complete source code.

If this is satisfactory to you, please send your $700 USD deposit by PayPal to today or tomorrow, and we can get on a phone call immediately to discuss your project.

Once we receive your payment, we can begin work.

We'll start immediately by hiring our team illustrators to make test emoji. After you approve an illustrator, we'll book your chosen illustrator. This is important so that we can get your project on their schedule as soon as possible.

If you're not sure what theme to use, we have a great recommendation for you. (We'll update this once someone claims it.) Right now, we recommend poodles based on these factors:

  1. Strong appeal for young women and teenage girls, who spend the most money on emoji apps, and who can easily be reached on social media.
  2. Very poor competition in the App Store. Open the App Store and run a search for "poodle" or "poodle emoji." We can produce much better illustrations than the top hits that you see.
  3. Large valuable audience. Poodles consistently rank in the Top 10 most popular dog breeds in the USA. People who love poodles can easily be reached with targeted Instagram or Facebook ads.

If you are not sure about poodles, just Google "popular dogs in USA" for a list of other high-potential dog breeds. Dog emojis are hugely popular on the App Store, and numerous interviews with emoji app entrepreneurs have confirmed that this is a highly successful niche.

You can finalize a decision on which emoji subject to use shortly after sending your deposit.

If you send the deposit now, we can begin checking on our illustrator's schedules and collaborate with you to finalize the decision about your emoji app subject.

If you have any questions, please contact us! Thank you for your interest.

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