Dot Dodge is a minimalist darts game with 170 challenges.

Our company's first Darts game received over 20,000 downloads and climbed the Top Charts in Russia to become one of the Top 30 arcade games during Summer 2015.

Not satisfied, we re-wrote the code from the ground up to make an even better game. The new game features:

  • 170 unique challenges
  • in-app purchases to skip challenging levels
  • Game Center leaderboards
  • Chartboost ads and an in-app purchase to remove-ads 
  • quick links to rate the app and share high scores on social media

If you purchase a reskin of Dot Dodge, you will be prompted to provide details on what you would like us to change for your unique version of the app.

When you customize the app, we can:

  • add a unique background image
  • add an image to replace the dartboard
  • add images to the darts themselves
  • update the music

Potential themes you might have success with include:

  • modifying the graphics to a Native American or tribal theme
  • changing the graphics to an Outer Space theme, perhaps changing the background to show glittering stars, turning the center dartboard into a flaming sun, and changing the darts to be like planets
  • using a political figure for the center of the dart board
  • turning the background into a beach, and turning the "darts" into beach balls

The only limit is your imagination! Whatever you envision, when you combine it with our proprietary code (available exclusively on this website), you'll have a fantastic result to be proud of when we launch your game on your iTunes account.

Please note, if you would prefer for us to utilize our original Darts source code, let us know in your message to us after you purchase the reskin. We are happy to use either the new or the original source code. However, we personally recommend using our newest source code. It's written in Swift, and features more levels, a cleaner interface design and in-app purchases to skip levels.

Please select a reskin option.