Business Model Canvas - If you are developing a new business, many of the assumptions underlying your business may prove incorrect. Perhaps you are not targeting the best type of customer, maybe the product you are offering is not something your customers are willing to pay for, or possibly you have not yet found the best sales channels and marketing strategies. Steve Blank and Alexander Osterwalder designed the Business Model Canvas to help start-ups and major corporations design experiments to rapidly test and validate new ideas. Following their methodology can help you create a sustainable business faster and at lower cost. You can learn about developing business model canvases from these videos, by reading this book, or by taking this online course.

BlueCloud Select - After making over $500,000 on apps, Carter Thomas started a private group for app developers. A one-time membership fee of approximately $150 will buy you access to his source codes, e-books, video tutorials, and private Facebook group. The Facebook group is perhaps the most valuable resource because it is an opportunity to network with other serious-minded developers. You can use the Facebook group to learn from other developers by contributing to discussions about their projects, and you can request feedback about your projects. When Carter does a Facebook Live event, you can ask his advice on how to get past any hurdles you are currently facing in your business. Before (or after) purchasing a membership, you also can gain industry insights from listening to Carter's podcast on SoundCloud.

Small Business Development Center - If you are in the United States, Google "small business development center" and see if there is an SBDC in your region. SBDC's can offer important free strategic advice as well as connect you to business partners, mentors, and potential customers in your community.

The Way You Work - In 5 succinct tips, Austin Church offers excellent advice on choosing great people and inspiring them to deliver their best work. His advice can help you build a fantastic remote team that consistently delivers on time, on budget, and above expectations.

400 Awesome Free Tools To Build Your Business - This exhaustive list by Growth Supply ensures that you will never be at a loss for potential resources. Don't get overwhelmed. Take a look at it, then set it aside and focus on the job you're trying to accomplish. You'll know when you need a resource to gain a creative insight, speed up a task, or learn a new skill. At these times, you can return to this list for endless assistance.

Clarity - Clarity lets you pay by the minute to speak on the phone with experienced app entrepreneurs. You can also use Clarity to connect with entrepreneurs and experts in many other fields as well.