Client: Beau Brooks & The Janoskians

Beau Brooks asked Wharton Apps to develop a fun viral game that he could share with his 2 million Twitter followers. 

Birdie Bo quickly amassed thousands of downloads and began producing revenue. Three months later, Mr. Brooks sold the game for 5x what he paid for it.

Most casual games trigger our brains to gain satisfaction from slowly improving our skill level. But Beau wanted to make the game a little more complex by giving users the satisfaction of collecting, building, and reviving.

In the game, users are tasked with collecting twigs and eggs to build nests. Every time a user builds a nest, they earn a new life. Whenever a user makes a mistake, they can revive themselves with one of their extra lives. This enabled dedicated players to achieve higher scores and play for longer periods of time.

We believe these extra gameplay features greatly enhanced the lifetime value of each user, and therefore the app’s financial performance on the App Store.

And yes… if you were wondering, we still tease Beau about naming a little blue bird after himself!