Fortune Magazine lists Avoid Hillary as the 4th most popular app about a presidential nominee.

Avoid Hillary is currently the #1 highest ranked app on the US App Store for the keywords “Hillary,” “Clinton,” and “Hillary Clinton.” This means that when a user types “Hillary Clinton” into an App Store search, “Avoid Hillary” is the very first app they see!

You can reskin "Avoid Hillary" to make any kind of obstacle avoidance game. A few examples from past clients include:

Obstacles can be abstract, cartoonish, or photo-edits for humor or political purposes. After you purchase a reskin from us, you will be prompted to send us details about what theme you have in mind. Our team will then send you graphic edits for you to approve before we launch your app. By upgrading to a Premium Reskin, we can animate the obstacles for a more impressive impact.

With the right idea, however, even a Standard Reskin can get you a high ranking on the App Store--well on your way to easily recouping your app development investment. If you have a great idea, take advantage of our offer now, and we'll do our best to make a beautiful app to bring your vision to life.

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