Code Canyon App Templates - Before commissioning a custom app, you should search Code Canyon to see if a similar app source code is available for sale. If you think a Code Canyon app template accomplishes most of what you want your app to do, you can license the code for as little as $15. From here, you can hire Wharton Apps (or another development company) to reskin the template with new graphics or add new features.

Chupamobile - This app marketplace has mixed reviews from developers and customers. Often you can license a Chupamobile template for $300 that is no better than a Code Canyon template priced at $15. Before purchasing a code license, you should shop both marketplaces, and test apps made with the app templates on your device. Avoid assuming that a high price is any indication of quality.

Behance - Look through thousands of quality art portfolios to find great designers for your next project. Use the location filter to find affordable designers in countries like India, Sri Lanka, or Ukraine.

Graphic River - Purchase affordably priced pre-made artwork, and combine it with an existing app template to produce a new app. You can buy "sprites" (animated image sequences for games) on Graphic River for about $10 each.

How to Optimize Chartboost eCPM - If you are planning to monetize your apps by showing ads, this blog post will give you an understanding of the process for setting up Chartboost ads, as well as useful definitions for jargon related to advertising. Justin Malik summarizes his app company's highest performing ad networks in another blog post, Best eCPM Ad Network for iOS in 2015. He concludes that Chartboost is the highest-earning ad network for rewarded videos, StartApp is the highest-earner for banner ads, and either StartApp or AppLovin will earn the most for interstitial ads.

Top 20 Mobile Ad Networks 2016 - Get a detailed look at the major ad networks to get a thorough understanding of each one's unique strengths and weaknesses. This similar article from 2015 provides additional information to help you decide the best ad networks for your app. - Compared to its major competitor, Upwork, Freelancer offers better terms to employers and a much broader network of available freelancers. Hire someone with at least 20 reviews, a minimum 85% project completion rate, and a 4 or 5 star average rating. It is also best if you hire people who are individuals (not outsourcing companies), and who have good English fluency. In the long run, the easier communication is worth the extra cost. You can vet freelancers by asking them to break down the project tasks into sub-tasks and then asking them to estimate hours for each sub-task. If a freelancer is not willing to do this, then there is a high probability that they are not experienced enough to know how to do the work. - With Fiverr, you can hire freelancers to do jobs for $5-10. Many people here work in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh, so they can actually accomplish quite a lot for $5. Start by hiring multiple freelancers for the same project. Release payment to all of the freelancers who complete the job, but note which ones were exceptional to work with. Hire them again for similar tasks in the future. - Purchase apps, websites and domains at low prices. Then "flip" them into more valuable assets by adding new features and marketing them. Wharton Apps sells about 4 brand new apps each week on Flippa at prices ranging from $200-400. So if you are looking for great affordable games to launch, consider reviewing our latest pre-made apps.

The Video Game Name Generator - Start with a theme that you want to make a game about (for example "dinosaurs"). Open the Name Generator and click the "Generate" button about 10 times. Each time you click, the generator will display a new random app title. By the time you've clicked 10-20 times, you're sure to find a couple words that you can pair with your initial theme to create a winning game title.