Dominate the stickers app market.

The key to making a successful app is finding keywords that no other app makers have thought of. Don't compete with 8,500 "flappy" apps. We promise, no users will scroll down far enough to find a new "flappy" app.

Instead, make apps to target original, popular themes:

  • "grumpy cat stickers" - 2 results
  • "granny stickers" - 0 results
  • "photobomb stickers" - 16 results
  • "hippie stickers" - 1 result
  • "Buscemi eyes" - 1 result

You can use these, or you can think of more... just spend 30 minutes searching the App Store for new movie titles, celebrity names, upcoming events, or popular memes.

A 3-hour Udemy video tutorial will show you the entire reskinning process.

Many popular artists on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr would love to have an app made with their artwork. The tutorial will show you exactly how you can build relationships with viral artists in order to get free artwork, and fantastic free marketing.

The source code gives you the option of making a free app with ads, or a paid app without ads. If you choose, you can launch both. If you prefer to get money now, you can auction your apps on the thriving app market You can make apps in as little as 3 hours, and sell them at prices anywhere from $50 to $800 (although $120 is a realistic average selling price).

We stand by our products.

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